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Election Day, Pillows and Sheets... and Giggles

Election Day, Pillows and Sheets... and Giggles

That title is totally for SEO purposes.
By Colin McIntosh, Founder & CEO



Last night, something amazing happened at the Presidential Debate. At one point, President Donald Trump accused Joe Biden of "selling pillows and sheets." I know. It's amazing.

Only in 2020, the year that keeps on giving, could something this magical happen. My phone started blowing up with texts and tweets from friends, and some politicians even tagged S&G on Twitter in the moment.

Now, we don't get too involved in politics as a company, but last night, politics came to us, so I thought it was an appropriate time to write a blog announcement that I've been meaning to.


Joe Biden selling pillows and sheets, imagine that. Stay in your lane, Joe.

Stay in your lane, Joe


Now that I have your attention, the reason for this blog post: S&G has a paid holiday on Tuesday, November 3, otherwise known as Election Day.

I announced the other week that S&G would have off on November 3, because I think it's important to lead by example. I hope other CEOs and businesses encourage their employees to vote and give them paid time off to exercise their human right of self determination. After all, voting is the bedrock of our society (sorry had to).

However my team votes is their business, and I enjoy our team chats when politics does come up. Since day 1 at S&G, I've always planned to offer this, and now I can. (We didn't have any full-time employees besides myself in Nov 2018, so this is the first opportunity.) Voting is a right, and it's fun to be able to put your ideals into action.

If you're a business owner, please consider giving your employees paid time off to vote; I mean come on, it's just a Tuesday. If you work somewhere, consider asking your manager for the day off or at least the afternoon to make your voice heard – you don't get what you don't ask for.

We're just glad they're finally discussing the serious issues facing our nation, and we hope there's more than soft support for the most important one. Maybe next time we can bring comforters into the debate (we're for 'em).

Thanks for reading, and go vote!

Colin at S&G

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