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Can I Just Get a Fitted Sheet by Itself? (Yes)
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Can I Just Get a Fitted Sheet by Itself? (Yes)

As the trend of using only a fitted sheet with a comforter and duvet cover—long the norm in Europe—gains popularity in the United States, particularly among Gen Z, the demand for fitted sheets sold individually has surged.

This minimalist approach to bedding, which eschews the traditional flat sheet, has recently received social media accolades for its simplicity and comfort. Since day 1 back in 2017, Sheets & Giggles has embraced this trend, offering fitted-sheet-only options that cater to this once-niche audience.

While some flat-sheet enthusiasts (like our CEO) may think sleeping without a top sheet is a bit heretical, we want to make products for all sleepers, even apostates.

Minimalist Bedding

Opting for a fitted sheet only simplifies the bed-making process and reduces the likelihood of dealing with tangled sheets in the washer or dryer. This preference aligns with a wider trend towards minimalism and practicality in personal living spaces, indicating a shift in modern bedding preferences towards straightforward, functional design.

The Sheets & Giggles Fitted Sheet Advantage

Sheets & Giggles’ fitted sheets are distinguished by their quality, eco-friendliness, and innovative features designed to enhance the bedroom experience.

Smooth & Cool

Easy on the environment, and even easier on the knees: our fitted sheets are made from our signature 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell. Smoother than even the finest cotton, S&G's unique fabric offers best-in-class breathability, aiding in temperature regulation underneath your back to ensure you never wake up in a pool of sweat.

Commitment to Sustainability

Like all our products, our fitted sheets are produced through environmentally responsible methods. Eucalyptus Lyocell uses 96% less water than cotton, no microplastics, and is free from harmful pesticides (cotton uses up to a quarter of the world's insecticides by itself!). As a USDA BioPreferred product, our fabric is a certified plant-based alternative to fossil-fuel-based synthetics like polyester.

Innovative Features for Convenience

  • Bottom-Left-Corner Tags: Each S&G fitted sheet features a tag on the bottom left corner (which can also go on the top right – hooray geometry!), simplifying the bed-making process by ensuring you get it right on the first try. A feature since Day 1, this thoughtful but simple detail blew the minds of our competitors, and it saves time by eliminating the all-too-common frustration of incorrectly positioning the sheet on the wrong corner to start.

  • 360-Degree Elastic: Unlike old-school or cheap fitted sheets that feature elastic only at the corners, our sheets come with 360-degree elastic for a secure, snug fit around the entire mattress. This ensures our fitted sheet stays in place, providing a smooth sleeping surface throughout the night.

  • Extra Deep Pockets: How deep are our pockets? Well, let's just say that our sheets know that real beauty is on the inside (i.e., they're not shallow). Made for mattresses up to 20" thick, our fitted sheets are so deep, they question their own existence. 

Extending Longevity Through Rotation

To maximize the lifespan of your fitted sheet, we recommend rotating it regularly (i.e., put the bottom left corner on the top right corner every other wash). This practice helps to distribute bodyweight and foot-movement wear evenly, extending the longevity of your fitted sheet and maintaining its comfort and quality over time.

Easy Care for Lasting Comfort

Our fitted sheets are designed to resist pilling and shrinking, getting softer with each wash. They are also hypoallergenic and dermatologist-recommended, made with sensitive skin and hair in mind.

Overall, by adopting the fitted-sheet-only approach, you're choosing simplicity without sacrificing quality or sustainability – and you'll save a few bucks, too! Whether you're a European or a GenZ'er (or European GenZ... mother of God), check out our Eucalyptus fitted sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers, and thank us later.

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