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Bedroom decor ideas

Bedroom decor ideas

Hey there. Whether you're looking for dreamy bedroom decor ideas or our stunning eucalyptus bedding, you're in the right place (North America).

Ah, your bedroom; a safe haven of tranquillity, peace, and harmony. Feng shui’d to perfection, dissolving your stresses and worries away the moment you enter.

Sound familiar? No?

Maybe your bedroom is more of a hole at the end of the hall where you keep your mattress and pants. If so, maybe it’s time to get those vibes just right with these modern bedroom decor ideas.

We get that you may not have the time, budget or energy to completely redecorate your bedroom. The good news is you don’t have to. You can completely transform your bedroom with these simple ideas. 

But first, repeat after us.

“I [insert your name], deserve to have the bedroom of my dreams. I [insert your name], am going to create the bedroom of my dreams. I [insert your name], am reading this blog post in the bathroom stall of a Fuddruckers.”

Great. Let's get started.

10 ideas for your bedroom

1. Prints and textures

If anyone says you need to choose one or the other, tell them they're lying liars. We say the more the better, be extra. We’re talking fluffy pillows, funky ornaments, textured wallpaper, and bold prints. We love the vibrant feel-good vibes that this type of modern bedroom give off. 

print and textures bedroom decor

 2. Jungle vibes

If like us you struggle to keep a cilantro plant alive for longer than 2 days, you might think you couldn’t have your own bedroom jungle. Luckily for those of us with zero green thumbs, many house plants are incredibly easy to look after. They really bring a bedroom space to life and look absolutely stunning. Here are 30 low maintenance house plants for your bedroom. 

jungle bedroom decor ideas

3. Minimal 

There is something extremely satisfying about decluttering and going for a clean, minimal style. Minimal doesn’t have to mean no personality. Be very selective about the pictures you put on walls, the colors you use and the amount of ‘stuff’ in the bedroom. Remember, for a minimal style bedroom, less is more.

minimalist bedroom decor ideas

4. White on white

Clean, simple, and elegant. White walls with white bed sheets and white pillows make us feel like we’ve walked right through heaven's gates (no, not the UFO cult - they had terrible decor). There’s something so inviting about a spotlessly white bedroom. You can then add some small detailing, such as a plant or a statement mirror, to add a little character to your bedroom.

white bedroom decor ideas

5. Dark walls

If all white everything is too clinical for you, be a daredevil and paint your walls with a dark color. Skip black and choose a dark emerald green, a dark navy blue or a dark charcoal grey for some class. Be sure to prime your walls with a high-quality wallpaper before painting. Dark bedroom walls give us warm, cozy vibes which we just love. Here are some tips on how to paint your bedroom walls dark.

dark wall bedroom

6. The art gallery

Rather than a wallpapered feature wall, try creating your very own art gallery. If you’re a budding artist or photographer, go wild with displaying your own work. Don’t have a creative bone in your body? Steal (borrow) other people's art. Hang pictures you’ve bought, tapestry or even plates work really well.

art gallery bedroom ideas

7. Different bedroom zones

If you’re fortunate enough to have a large bedroom, we love the idea of utilizing your space to give yourself more places to relax. Adding a comfortable chair, sofa or even bean bags gives you more variety when it comes to places to sit and unwind after a long day. Enjoying your bedroom from a different angle will transform the relationship you have with your tranquil space. It might even rekindle the relationship...wink wink.

modern bedroom ideas

8. Add a feature

Let’s be honest, we all love a feature. We’re talking feature walls, feature beds, feature lights, feature headboards, feature spatulas… anything that makes a statement.

Feature walls

An easy one. Find a bold or busy print on good quality wallpaper and choose the wall to feature the masterpiece. The wall you choose is totally up to you and depends on the layout of your bedroom.

feature wall bedroom


Feature beds

We’re all for individuality but we’re not talking beds in the shape of Lightning McQueen, waterbeds, or round beds - unless you're a toddler, a swinger, or Austin Powers. Your feature bed can be a grand sleigh bed, a vintage four-poster bed with or without draping curtains, or a bed made from wooden pallets.

pallet bed bedroom

Feature headboard

Similar to a feature bed, feature headboards are a great stylized addition to your modern bedroom. Feature headboards are usually much larger than they need to be, can be made from almost anything, and often don’t provide any additional comfort at all...unless you're comforted by the fact that you're a better interior decorator than your neighbors.

feature headboard

Feature light

A feature light in your bedroom is always a great conversation starter. Although if you need conversation starters by the time you’re in the bedroom, you've got bigger problems than lights. Feature lights can range from quirky freestanding lamps made from copper pipes to sophisticated chandeliers covered in diamonds (suggested retail price: $.00000002 Bezos)

feature light bedroom
9. Pillows and cushions

Whether you love your morning ritual of perfectly placing your pillows and cushions on the bed, only to take them all off again at the end of the day, or absolutely despise it, you can’t deny that it looks wonderful (well, you can, but you'd be wrong). Pillows and cushions are a great addition to your bedroom decor, so let’s have a look at how to arrange them.

How to arrange pillows on a bed

Start with plain pillows

The general rule of thumb according to Pillowologists, is to start with four white standard pillows. This is the basic foundation for a beautifully cushioned bed.

simple pillows bedroom

Size matters

Place your larger pillows at the top of the bed and work your way down, ordering the smaller pillows in front. You don’t want to hide your smalls pillows with the larger pillows. They'll send you directly to jail for that.

scatter cushions bedroom

Make a triangle

This look works well when you have an odd number of cushions. Start with larger cushions at the back and work your way down to the smallest cushion at the bottom of the triangle.

how to arrange pillows


If you’re going for the white on white or minimalist look, be very selective with the additional splashes of color you add. Stick to one or two colors. (Okay, three.)

If you’re going for the opposite of minimalist with the prints and textures, make sure that your color scheme is easy on the eyes and works together. You can Google color scheme ideas if you need some inspiration. Or Bing them if you want to ruin your room.

cushions on bed


Adding a variety of cushions that differ in size, shape, and colors will add lots of character to your bedroom. When done well, cushions that have been mixed and matched can really bring your bedroom to life. Just look how alive this woman is.

variety of cushions on bed

10. Add a throw to your bed

This is a wonderfully cheap way to add a bit of class and character to your bedroom. Depending on your desired look there are a few ways to decorate your bed with a throw blanket. 

How to decorate your bed with a throw blanket

Step one - get blanket.

Step two - throw.

Okay, not quite. But it's almost that easy. 

The classic throw blanket

Neatly fold the blanket over itself into a thin, uniformed rectangular shape and place it across the bottom of the bed. Or you can roll it up like a taquito, as seen below.

how to use a throw blanet

The tilted throw blanket

Similar to the classically uniformed style but at an angle. Drape the throw across one corner of the bed. 

decorate bed with throw blanket

The bigger the better

We love a huge chunky knit throw that is casually draped over the bed. Love the idea of a big heavy throw but hate the thought of how hot and sweaty you'll get? Check out these heavy throw blankets designed to keep you warm but not sweaty. 

heavy throw blanket

The fur throw

A big, fuzzy, cozy fur thrown over the bed in a neatly crumpled pile. Looks deceptively simple, but this look took us 13 hours to perfect.

fluffy throw blanket

When adding a throw blanket it’s vital to make your bed underneath. Especially if you’re going for the more relaxed throw look, you don’t want it to look like (god forbid) an unmade bed.

Now you have some inspiration on how to turn your sleeping space from a good bedroom into a great bedroom. Even with a tight budget, and very little effort, you can transform the space and make a big impact. Now go, go and create the dream bedroom you deserve. And send us pics so we can steal your ideas for a separate blog post.

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