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Meet Our New Sheet Colors!

Meet Our New Sheet Colors!

The season isn’t the only thing changing

Fall is upon us. That lovely time of year when the air is a little more crisp, the days get a little shorter, and our eucalyptus sheets change color. Ahhh, you can almost smell it.*

*Our eucalyptus sheets are scentless.

Same sheet, different dye

We added four new colors to our already impressive lineup. Say hello to Red, Sage, Lavender, and Oat. Just like our other sets, these sheets are sustainably made from 100% eucalyptus, soft as all get out, temperature balancing, and hypoallergenic.

Let’s take a moment to meet them all.

Red eucalyptus sheets

We traveled to the end of the visible spectrum of light to bring you this bright, bold, and beautiful shade of red. If you’re a fan of Doctor Strange's cape or Hester Prynne's letter, you'll absolutely adore these sheets.

Meet our red 100% eucalyptus sheets

Surveys show red is most commonly associated with heat, activity, passion, sexuality, anger, love, and joy – so basically all the emotions you’re likely to experience in bed. 

Sage eucalyptus sheets

If you like our Mint Green sheets but wish they could balance a checkbook, then you’ll love our new Sage sheets. They’re mature and responsible, but they also know when to let loose with a glass of moderately priced wine. 

Meet our sage 100% eucalyptus sheets

Fun fact: sage is so named because the color resembles that of dried sage leaves. Is that fact actually fun? We’re actually undecided. 

Lavender eucalyptus sheets

And now we come to our lavender sheets. To achieve this lovely hue, we took our signature royal purple sheets and made them watch videos of Russian kids free climbing tall buildings. As predicted, they quickly paled. 

Meet our lavender 100% eucalyptus sheets

Traditionally, lavender roses are symbolic of love at first sight, and so it is fitting that these soft purple sheets will make you fall in love at first...night.

Oat eucalyptus sheets

According to most doctors [citation needed], a good morning starts with a hearty bowl of oatmeal, so, naturally, a good night starts with a hearty bed of oat sheets. After sleeping 7-9 hours on these babies, you'll wake up and shout, "Oat. My. God. I'm well-rested and full of vim and vigor."

Meet our oat 100% eucalyptus sheets

If you think of your bed like a canvas and your pillows and blankets as paint, you’ll love these neutral yet deeply inspiring sheets.


Bold, hue-tiful, and ready to ship

If any of these colors tickle your fancy, head on over to our bedding shoppe (it's on this very site), and order a set today.

If you're a purist and prefer our original colors like navy, grey and white, well, we have some good news: they're freshly stocked and ready to ship, too.

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