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Trick or Sheet!
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Trick or Sheet!

Trick or Sheet

We’re deep into Spooky Season and Halloween is right around the corner. If we had to guess, there are probably a lot of you out there who kept putting off your costume planning. Now, it’s go time and you have to scramble to put a costume together. 

No worries. We got you. To make things easier, we thought we’d share some of our favorite last-minute costume ideas.

Fair warning: these are top-of-the-line costumes, so prepare to be bombarded all night with comments like, “wow, I’ve never seen such an incredible costume!” and “I wish I had worn that!” Heavy is the head that wears the crown of best costume. 

Are you ready?

A Fang-tastic vampire

Woman wrapped up in a purple sheet covering most of her face

Take the top sheet from your favorite sheet set and wrap it around yourself dramatically to become… a fang-tastic vampire! Make sure you sneer a bit and get in a couple “I vant to suck your blood”s to really sell it. 

Bonus: you won’t sparkle. Twilight could never. 

An eerie zombie

Man and woman sleeping in bed next to each other

Did you know you can just get way less sleep than you actually need and skip your morning routine on Halloween to go as one of the most convincing zombies ever? The actual living dead couldn’t hold a candle to this costume.

Yeah, it might not be the most conventional zombie costume ever, but anyone else with Adult Responsibilities will get it. 

A treacherous pirate

Who doesn’t want to sail the seven seas collecting treasure and saying “Arrr”? Well, you can be a pirate for the night with this easy costume. 

Woman adjusting purple eye mask in bed

Simply slap on an eye mask and boom — that’s it! Pirate. Sure, pirates usually only cover one eye with an eye patch, but you’ll just be a pirate who has seen enough at this point. 

Your eye mask will also help you sneak in a quick nap if your Halloween bash isn’t as spooktacular as you hoped. Win-win. 

A ghoulish ghost

Ah, this old classic. All you have to do is wrap a throw blanket around yourself and call out “Booooooo” under your breath to be the best ghost at the party.  

Man wrapped in yellow blanket sitting on bed with woman taking his picture

Here we have a rare yellow ghost being photographed by a very brave photojournalist. Maybe he was insecure about his ghostly white complexion and went for a spray tan. Or, maybe the ghost is jaundiced. Either way, spooky!!

An incredible superhero

We hate to disrespect the “No capes!” declaration of the great superhero fashion designer Edna Mode, but our superhero simply has to wear a cape. In fact, that's basically the whole costume. 

Woman holding comforter behind her shoulders

Proudly hold your fluffy eucalyptus comforter behind you and go be the hero the world needs right now. No, no one’s going to think you just rolled out of bed. What about this picture doesn’t scream superhero?

A witchy cat

Or, go as a cat! 

Black cat walking across bed with dark sheets

Sure, it will be hard to beat the hyperrealism of this cat costume, but wait a minute… yup, that’s an actual cat. Darn. Guess we ran out of ideas.

All the items you need to put together one of these exquisite costumes (except for the cat) are available now from Sheets and Giggles. Some of them might even double as bedding. Imagine that! 

Happy Halloween!

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