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6 Ways To Entertain Your Kids With Sheets

6 Ways To Entertain Your Kids With Sheets

Have you heard? There’s a hot new toy sweeping the nation. That's right, we’re talking about BEDSHEETS! And you thought sheets were only good for sleeping and rappelling from prison cell windows. The truth is there are SO many ways to entertain the kids and kill some time with sheets. 

And by “SO many ways,” we mean 6. 

So here they are. Here are 6 fun things you can do with bedsheets, old or new, to entertain your kiddos.


1. Parasheet

Remember playing with that rainbow-colored, nylon parachute in gym class? Well, those parachutes are crazy expensive, so try this with a reasonably-priced flat sheet (Queen or King, ideally). Here are some seriously fun parachute games you can play at home:

Waves - Everyone holds on to a side of the sheet and flaps their arms up and down to make waves. Once y’all sync up you can make some serious tsunamis. Watch out!

Sheet Rock - Everyone holds onto the sheet with one hand and runs in a circle while music plays. When the music stops, everyone changes direction. Don’t fall over! 

Popcorn - Place a ball on the sheet and bounce it around without letting it fall to the ground. See if you can get to 100 bounces.

Or try this variation: place a bunch of (indoor safe) balls on the sheet and divide up into teams. One team tries to keep the balls on the sheet, the other team tries to knock them off. Fun!


2. A Fort? That's Our Forte

Grab a sheet and stretch it across a couple of chairs, over a coat rack, then tuck it under a sleeping dog. Throw a couple of pillows on the floor and bam you have a fort just like our ancestors used to make, except this one is made with luxurious Eucalyptus bedding (we’re assuming you’re an S&G fan). Be sure to put a sign on the front that says, “No Microplastics Allowed.” It’s tradition. 


3. The Floor is Quite Hot

A variation on the classic furniture-destroying game. Spread some sheets out across the floor and try to get from one side of the room to the other by hopping from sheet to sheet. Add an extra layer of difficulty by increasing the distance between sheets or folding them into tinier and tinier squares. 


4. What's In The Case?

We know it’s not a sheet, but it’s still in the bedding realm. Place a bunch of random objects in a pillowcase and have your kids guess what they are just through touch. No peeking, we’ll know if you’re peeking. Try it with VERY different objects for maximum fun–a tomato, a clothespin, a bar of soap, a wet sock, etc.


5. Sheet Show

Drape a bedsheet over a couple of chairs and make your own Royal Sheetspear Theatre. Then put on a silly show about how self-isolation is making us all insane. Case in point: the topic of this very blog.


6. Sheety Improv

Yes many things can you make out of a bedsheet? It could be a cape, a snake, a handlebar mustache, or a magic carpet. You can totally steal these, but we’re sure you and your kids can come up with better ones.  Ooh, or a parachute! (Look, we’ve come full circle.)


There are only 6 ways to entertain your kids with bedsheets, but if you’ve somehow managed to come up with a seventh, please let us know in the comments.

Please hurry, the kids are screaming. 


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