• Welcome...To The Contest

    Welcome...To The Contest

Hello and welcome to...The Contest. We’re delighted you could join us this evening (or morning or afternoon or whatever). 

Excellent. Now we are ready to commence...The Contest. 

Here are the rules:

1. Obtain a mobile device with video recording capabilities.Aim it at your face and press record.

2. Answer these questions three in 34 seconds or less:
-Why did you decide to buy bedding from S&G?

-What do you like best about your S&G purchase?

-If you were a doggy, what kind of doggy would you be and why? (Yes, we know that’s technically four questions. Sue us. (Please don’t.)) 

3. Share your video on the social channel of your choosing and tag us @sheetsgiggles. 

Congratulations, you’ve just entered...The Contest, a monthly drawing where you could win eucalyptus pillowcases and a eucalyptus bag full of eucalyptus leaves (kidding, it’s full of...surprises). 

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