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What's your warranty / return / refund policy?

It's whatever you want it to be, baby. No arbitrary time limits, no questions asked. And of course, all returns sent to us also get donated :)

Which items are eligible for return?

All of them. Seriously, if you’re not happy, send it back. It’s that simple.

There is one teeny, tiny, itty, bitty exception: we will not honor the refund policy if you purchase bedding from us, sleep on it, and then decide you’d prefer it in a different color. Our return policy is lenient but not that lenient.

What should I do with my old sheets?

Well, you can donate your old sheets to a local shelter and get 10% off a future S&G order just for being a good person. Just send us a pic and use hashtag #Give2Sheets and we’ll send you a special discount code. How does that sound?

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