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Sheets & Giggles™ 100% Eucalyptus sheets are softer, more breathable, and more sustainable than both cotton and bamboo.
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You spend 229,774.8 hours of your life in bed (give or take).
You deserve better bedding.

S&G's Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheets vs. Cotton:

  • Naturally softer, lower surface friction
  • More breathable, perfect for hot sleepers
  • More moisture-wicking, keeps sheets fresher longer
  • Hypoallergenic, OEKO-TEX®, and FKT® Certified
So why do people still use cotton?
Beats the sheet out of us.
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Save the planet, sleep better

Let's make Greta proud.

  • 96% less water than cotton – up to 1,000 gallons saved per sheet set.
  • Zero insecticides – cotton uses 16-24% of the world's insecticides by itself.
  • 30% less energy – 19KwH per sheet set vs 27KwH for cotton.
  • Our trees grow on bio-diverse farms – no natural forests touched.
  • Closed-loop process – nearly 100% of wastewater and solvents are reused.
  • Biodegradable – you won't find S&G sheets taking up space in a landfill.
Plus, for every order received, we plant a tree somewhere in the US that needs reforestation.
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Deftly Designed in Denver

We put some serious thought into this sheet.

  • Helpful tags tell you which corner goes where.
  • Extra deep pockets on our fitted sheets fit on mattresses up to 20" thick.
  • Sheets come wrapped in reusable upcycled eucalyptus fabric knapsacks.
  • Plastic-free packaging on most sheet sets.
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The best part about giving luxury sheets to your SO is they're kind of a gift to you.
When you really think about it.
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Over 1,500 5-star reviews

"Discovered this bedding brand via a daily e-newsletter. I now want to only sleep in Sheets & Giggles bedding. Quality is top notch and every night, I feel like I’m sleeping in 5 star hotel sheets!"

- Erica F., Brooklyn

Navy, Blue, Gray, White, Pearl, Light Blue, Mint Green, Purple

Sheet sets include a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases (Twin and Twin XL have just 1).

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