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When will my order ship?

Normally, all orders placed on ship within 24 hours and arrive within 2-8 business days.

Do you ship internationally?

We ship within the US and Canada! We may open shipping to other countries in the near future.

Are S&G products shipped with plastic?

Nope. Our sheet sets ship in plastic-free packaging. Go ahead, say that five times fast.

And while most of our competitors vacuum-seal their comforters in order to minimize packaging dimensions and save on shipping costs, ours comes neatly rolled up in a recyclable cardboard box.

How does shipping within the US work?

90% magic, 10% logistics and stuff.

If your order is shipped by a courier or carrier (UPS, Federal Express, Santa, etc.) those guys will make sure it’s delivered in a safe and timely manner. If your order is shipped via the US Postal Service (USPS), your friendly neighborhood post office will take care of it. Basically, we give your package to someone–a highly qualified someone–and they take it from there.

How does shipping to Canada work?

With just an unbearable level of politeness.

Orders shipped to Canada will be sent through the USPS and arrive at your doorstep via Canada Post. Your order may also be shipped through the USPS ePacket (pronounced “eh packet”) service. In this case, duties and taxes will be collected by S&G and paid to the CBSA (Canada Borders Service Agency). If your package is shipped through USPS, however, you will have to pay duties and taxes upon receipt of said package. And finally, if your package is late or damaged, we will be sure to blame Canada.



What's your warranty / return / refund policy?

It's whatever you want it to be, baby. No arbitrary time limits, no questions asked. And of course, all returns sent to us also get donated :)

Which items are eligible for return?

All of them. Seriously, if you’re not happy, send it back. It’s that simple. 

There are two teeny, tiny, itty, bitty exceptions:

1. Color exchanges: we will not honor our refund policy if you purchase bedding from us, sleep on it, and then decide you’d prefer it in a different color. Exchanges must be made within 30 days and with unopened sheets. Our return policy is lenient, but not that lenient.

2. For large orders (5+ items), we will only honor refunds for unopened items. I.e., please do not tell us that you opened each item, used each item, and then would like a refund for all the items. Why? We unfortunately have had some people with Airbnbs try to outfit their homes with our sheets for months at a time, and then use our generous refund policy to get refunded… and then try to buy more again and do the same thing with different colors / sizes. Yes, these are bad people, but sadly they’re out there.

What should I do with my old sheets?

Well, you can donate your old sheets to a local shelter and get 10% off a future S&G order just for being a good person. Just send us a pic and use hashtag #Give2Sheets and we’ll send you a special discount code. How does that sound?

Our Sheet

Our Sheet

What are the care instructions?

Eucalyptus sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers: Wash separately on cold/delicates, low- or no-heat tumble dry or hang dry, no bleach recommended. Fabric softener not recommended. 

Comforters: Spot clean as needed, and once every 2-3 months, you can dry clean it or machine wash on cold/delicates and a low-heat gentle dry. Don't wash as often as your sheets to maximize its lifespan over the years.

Throws: Spot clean as needed; machine wash on cold/delicates if needed.

What are the dimensions / sizes of each item?

All fitted sheets have extra deep pockets to easily and securely fit up to 20" thick mattresses.

Fun fact: our flat sheets are all a bit larger than industry standard, and a few more inches can make all the difference.

Twin Regular:

Flat Sheet: 70" W x 96" L

Fitted Sheet: 39" W x 75" L

Pillow Cases (2): 21" W x 31" L

Twin XL:

Flat Sheet: 70" W x 110" L

Fitted Sheet: 39" W x 80" L

Pillow Case: 21" W x 31" L


Flat Sheet: 81" W x 105" L

Fitted Sheet: 54" W x 75" L

Pillow Cases (2): 21" W x 31" L


Flat Sheet: 90" W x 110" L

Fitted Sheet: 60" W x 80" L

Pillow Cases (2): 21" W x 31" L


Flat Sheet: 108" W x 110" L

Fitted Sheet: 76" W x 80" L

Pillow Cases (2): 21" W x 41" L

Cal King:

Flat Sheet: 108" W x 110" L

Fitted Sheet: 72" W x 84" L

Pillow Cases (2): 21" W x 41" L

Queen Pillowcases: 31" x 21" x 4"

King Pillowcases: 37" x 21" x 4"

Queen Comforter: 88" W x 96" L

King Comforter: 106" W x 95" L

Queen/Full Duvet Cover: 88" W x 96" L

King/Cal-King Duvet Cover: 107" W x 96" L

Throw blankets: 60" x 50" (about 5 feet x 4-ish feet)

Heavy Throw blankets: 72" x 50" (about 6 feet x 4-ish feet)

Will your sheets fit my insanely huge 20" thick mattress?

Yep. Our fitted sheets' pockets are super deep – like questioning-the-meaning-of-life deep – so our sheets comfortably fit mattresses up to 20" thick.

Most other fitted sheets only cover up to 16" mattresses, which seems small nowadays. There's literally nothing more frustrating than trying to stretch a too-small fitted sheet over a mattress, pulling with all your might at that last corner only to have the opposite corner slip off...we're getting annoyed just writing this.

What's your sheets’ thread count?

For our sheet set, we go with a 400-thread-count with a corgi-puppy-smooth sateen weave. During our initial testing way back when, 400 thread count felt imperceptible from 600 in terms of softness, but it was notably more breathable. In the end, we based our final decision on extensive research, user testing, and a Facebook comment from a guy named Mark. Nice job, Mark, you were dead right.

What is your comforter made of?

78% Comfort, 22% er

Seriously, though, our filling is 50% Eucalyptus Lyocell fiber (the raw material that we weave into our sheets) for breathability and sustainability, and 50% recycled polyester for warmth and sustainability (it’s made from repurposed plastic bottles that would have otherwise been discarded). The thermally bonded combination won’t bunch up badly like other comforters, and it creates an all-seasons, temperature-regulating net effect.

Your comforters are thermally-bonded. What does that even mean?

Basically, know how some comforters bunch up after a few nights? That's because most filling is cheaply made, and not thermally bonded. It also means our fill is light and airy, will hold less heat, and be suitable for all seasons. 

While the shell of our comforter is cool to the touch, the thermally-bonded 50-50 filling helps make it perfect for both the furnaces and popsicles who walk among us (i.e., for both hot and cold sleepers). Sure, it costs more to make, but the result is a far superior, more durable, longer-lasting comforter that's also machine washable. Also, you're totally worth it.

Eucalyptus Fabric

Eucalyptus Fabric

Will human or pet hair stick to your sheets, duvet, pillow cases, and comforter?

Nope. Eucalyptus lyocell has a very low surface friction which means that hair will brush off more easily / not stick so badly.

I have bad night sweats. Is eucalyptus fabric cooling?

Yes. Our 100% Eucalyptus products are moisture-wicking and have a low surface friction. The result is bedding that always feels like the cool side of the pillow. Now just imagine what our pillow cases feel like. ❄️❄️❄️

Is your bedding good for [INSERT AILMENT HERE]?

Yes. Our sheets are used by people with hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), contact sensitivity, arthritis, and many other medical conditions. In fact, we get a ton of reviews from people who swear by our 100% Eucalyptus sheets.

Where are S&G products made?

Designed in Denver, prototyped in Denver and Los Angeles, and made in India and Bahrain by our wonderful, talented, and handsome manufacturing partners.

What is Lyocell, exactly? Is it a natural fabric? How is it made?

Lyocell is the technical name for our fabric, and because trees don't grow in the ground as a fiber like cotton, the US government classifies lyocell as a "man-made" material. There's been some back and forth with the FTC about this (they say that it has to literally grow in the ground as a fiber to be labeled "natural"), but we just remind ourselves that all words are made up and not to get too upset about a label.

Lyocell is a new "third generation" of cellulosic rayon, with viscose as the first and modal as the second. (Those are more well-known cellulosic fabrics, so if you know them, we're similar but with a much more sustainable production process.)

In short, our sheets are made out of wood, which is turned into a pulp via a closed-loop lyocell process before that pulp is turned into yarn. The best part about our Lyocell is that nearly 100% of the solvents from each batch are reused in the next, so there's almost zero waste.

Additionally, our eucalyptus lyocell sheets are made in coordination with Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC), which helps to improve our manufacturing partner's already leading sustainability standards.

Is your fabric the same as Tencel®?

Kinda, but not really.

Tencel® is a registered trademark for a massive manufacturer that sells eucalyptus lyocell fabric – the technical name for our fabric. 

Our eucalyptus lyocell is something that most people have never experienced before; in comparison, most of the eucalyptus options in stores are effectively the same exact fabric from the same fiber provider. This allows us to have much more flexibility with our product and pricing decisions, and we love introducing people to something completely new.

How is Eucalyptus Lyocell better for my sleep than conventionally-grown cotton?

You should've used "bedder," but we'll forgive you for the missed pun.

Our eucalyptus lyocell sheets have the following qualities:

Naturally softer than cotton (lower surface friction, higher smoothness rating).Naturally more breathable than cotton (better for hot sleepers).Evaporate moisture better than cotton (better for hot sleepers, as we have a higher moisture management rating).Hypoallergenic, zero-static, lower surface friction. This makes them wayyy better for sensitive skin than cotton and synthetics.More durable (hold color longer and are less susceptible to rips and tears).Even softer after each and every wash.

Why is Eucalyptus Lyocell bedder for the environment?

Nice, you're getting the pun thing!

Our bed sheets use up to 96% less water used than conventionally-grown cotton, up to 30% less energy used, and up to infinity% less pesticides and insecticides (i.e., we don't use any). Our sheets also biodegrade up to 40% faster than cotton.

I heard somewhere that eucalyptus is endangered?

That’s true, some of it is endangered. However, our eucalyptus isn’t harvested from ancient or endangered forests, instead, we source from our own sustainably-managed and biodiverse farms in India and Bahrain. 

Plus, for every single order we receive, we plant a new tree somewhere in the US that needs reforestation (20,000 trees planted in the last year alone, thanks to the S&G community!). 

In conclusion, buying S&G bedding helps reforestation efforts. You’re welcome, Earth.

Is Eucalyptus fabric safe for animals or people who are allergic to eucalyptus?

Yep. While it's true that animals can have a bad reaction to eating eucalyptus leaves, our bedding is made out of the bark of the plant and is processed into 100% safe fabric. This also means that if you have a bad reaction to eucalyptus scent, oil, or other products, you should be a-ok.

Does Eucalyptus fabric smell like eucalyptus?

Nope, it’s scentless. However, if you don’t wash your sheets for, like, six months we cannot guarantee their scentlessness.

S&G Brand

S&G Brand

Can I read a review of your sheets from some reputable third party?

Sure. Here’s a thorough and accurate review from Real Simple

Here’s one from BuzzFeed.

Another from CNN.

And one from Forbes.

We’ve also been covered by Apartment Therapy, Bustle, the Daily Beast, the Denver Post, Fortune, Gizmodo, Women's Health, and more awesome outlets. Check out some of our press!

What are your certifications?

We’re OEKO-TEX® 100 certified. OEKO-TEX® is the international safety standard for textiles. There's a ton that goes into their testing, but the long and short of it is that "All product components have to be harmless without exception."

Our products are FKT® Certified, which means they must cause no bodily reactions whatsoever.

We received a Higg Index Certification (a Higgy!), which verifies that our 100% eucalyptus products are sustainable from production through end-of-life.

Our bedding is vegan, meaning it’s 100% cruelty-free and made without the use of animal by-products. 

Finally, our sheets are so soft and smooth, the Dairy Farmers of America recently classified them as butter. Okay, we made that one up.



What else is cool about these sheets?

A tiny-but-purposeful tag on the lower left corner of the fitted and flat sheets lets you know which corner to always put on first (which solves a huge pain point for us personally).

Sheet sets also come packaged in eucalyptus fabric knapsacks (in our signature purple color), which can fit a full laptop or yoga mat.

Do you really plant a tree for every order?

Yep, we do! Via our one-for-one partnership with One Tree Planted, we donate a tree for every order we receive. We pool our annual donations at the end of each year to make one giant impact!

We’ve planted tens of thousands so far, and we're proud to officially have joined One Tree Planted's Million-Tree Challenge!

What's this #Give2Sheets thing I keep hearing about?

Full details here.

Every year, 10 million tons of textiles wind up in landfills – sheets included. Coincidentally, blankets are the #2 most-requested item at homeless shelters.

If you decide to donate your sheets, email us a pic of your donation to, and we'll send you a 10% off coupon toward your S&G order.

It's a win-win-win. You help others in a real, tangible way, you receive10% off any S&G items you purchase, and you get to share your good deed on social media with a punny hashtag.

How do I fold a fitted sheet?

You don't, it folds you.

What's my name?


(If your name isn’t Ashley, this bit wasn't intended for you.)

I think I love you. Are you free this weekend?

We could maybe squeeze in brunch on Sunday. Pick a place with bottomless mimosas please.

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