Sheets and Giggles Eucalyptus Comforters
Oh sheet!
Well, actually, not just sheets anymore.

S&G's all-new, oversized, absurdly soft Eucalyptus lyocell comforters are coming soon! Our 30% off preorder will begin shortly, with limited quantity available at that price.

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We Made This For You...Calyptus

If you love our award-winning Eucalyptus lyocell sheets that have been reviewed by BuzzFeed, Apartment Therapy, and CNN, you'll freak out over our comforter, which is encased in our flagship fabric.

Softer than cotton, sinfully smooth, cool to the touch, hypoallergenic (for humans and pets), and sustainable to boot.
Fluffy, and not buffy

Cozy, But Not Sweltering

It's a tough balance to find. Like a tightrope, or how much politics to discuss with your family.

By thermally blending together our insanely breathable eucalyptus lyocell and insulating recycled poly, we think we've struck temperature-regulating gold.
Eco-friendly to the max

Better Products, with Near-Zero Waste

Designed to be as sustainable as possible, our comforter has a 100% Eucalyptus lyocell shell, just like our rave-reviewed sheets.

Vs cotton, that means less water, less energy, and zero pesticides.

Removing Plastic from the Environment

Our comforter's fused, fluffy filling is 50% raw lyocell fiber renewably made from Eucalyptus wood in a closed-loop process.

The other 50% is recycled poly fiber made from discarded plastic bottles that would have otherwise found their way into landfills and waterways.

In contrast to a 100% lyocell fill (which we considered and tested), our 50-50 blend allows our comforter to be more durable, hold its shape longer, be machine washable, and better regulate body temperature across all seasons (hot or cold).
Eucalyptus comforters

"Luxurious but affordable." – Apartment Therapy® on S&G

We're committed to building you sustainable, premium bedding at a price that would apparently make most CFOs quit without notice. (We'll miss you, Corey.)

For a comparably high-quality Eucalyptus comforter elsewhere, you'll pay almost twice our preorder price.
Lock in to the most irresponsible price we'll ever offer on our Eucalyptus comforters.
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Our preorder will have a limited number available for $112 for a Queen (planned $160 MSRP), and only $139 for a King (planned $200 MSRP).
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