Looking for a way to donate old sheets, or return your S&G order?


Blankets and sheets are the #2-most-requested item at homeless shelters (behind socks). To help with this shortage, S&G includes a donation bag in every order to help you make a very real difference in someone's life.

To get 10% off your next order, just:

  1. Pop the sheets you want to donate in the white donation bag we include in every order.
  2. Drop them at the nearest local homeless shelter! (That hyperlink will take you to Google Maps for closest ones to you.)
  3. Take a selfie of you donating them in our white bag (for proof and so we can promote your generosity on our social media).
  4. Email that picture to donate@sheetsgiggles.com

For each set you donate, we'll reply with a randomly generated code for 10% off your next order, good for any time in the future!

That's it!

This way, with 10 minutes of your time, the S&G community can spread donations to thousands of local shelters all around the US, and you get a discount on your next order just for being an awesome person.

We should come up with some type of saying about "10 minutes could save you 10%" or something... nah that would never catch on.

Email donate@sheetsgiggles.com for more help, or returns@sheetsgiggles.com for returns processing.

Together, we can #Give2Sheets. (Post your good deed to social media and tag @SheetsGiggles so we can shower you with likes.)

Donate today and prove your mother right: you ARE a good person.