Whiter than our CEO.
Grayer than our soul.
Bluer than your eyes, which are actually gorgeous.
Purple more royal than Kate Middleton.
[Something about the US Navy]
Pillowcases? More like billowcases.
Room for 1 more ;) ok fine 2
Your brain on S&G

We're almost out of inventory! What the sheet...

We're working as hard as we can to keep up with demand. During February, you can reserve one of our 100% eucalyptus lyocell sheet sets from our limited-quantity mid-March shipments at 15% off.

  • Sizes: Queen, King, Full, Cal-King, Split King, Twin XL, Twin Regular
  • Colors: White, Gray, Blue, Purple, Navy
  • 400-thread-count, sateen weave, 100% Eucalyptus Lyocell made from eucalyptus trees grown on sustainably managed plantations.
  • Sheet sets include: 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases (Twin and Twin XL have just 1 pillowcase).
  • Free returns: we'll even cover return shipping.
  • Designed and shipped from Denver, CO
  • Pairs perfectly with our eucalyptus lyocell duvet covers and extra pillowcases.
  • Don't need a flat sheet? Check out our fitted-sheet-only options!
Unanswered questions? Scroll down and read on, check out our FAQs, or contact us anytime!

Meet S&G

S&G's Eucalyptus Lyocell vs. Cotton

  • Naturally softer (lower surface friction)
  • More breathable (best for hot sleepers)
  • More moisture-wicking (keeps sheets fresher longer)
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Zero static
  • Up to 96% less water used in production
  • Zero pesticides or insecticides used (cotton uses 16-24% of the world's insecticides by itself)
  • More durable: holds color longer, more resistant to common rips and tears
  • Biodegrades 40% faster than cotton once disposed of

The big little things

  • Helpful tags tell you which corner goes where. (No more guessing!)
  • Extra deep pockets on our fitted sheets fit on mattresses up to 20" thick, with the side benefit of fitting regular mattresses even more easily.
  • Sheets come wrapped in reusable eucalyptus fabric knapsacks.
  • While shipping orders, we put fun extra items in as many boxes as we can. Bobby, our logistics manager, is a kind and generous warehouse god.
  • Maybe even a free dog, who knows?*
*Legally we cannot ship you dogs, sorry
How lyocell gets made

Don't mind us

Just sawing logs.

Grab a pillow

You're hopelessly outgunned.

Jump into bed with us

Mustaches optional but preferred.

Nirvana Guaranteed

(Not the band.)

Despite our unusual, financially irresponsible return policy, we have a much lower return rate than industry average. Our sheets are that good.

Ok, that's enough marketing language. 15% off February orders + free shipping (shipping in March) ⬇️
Not photoshopped.
Real sheets have dimples.
This was their first time on camera.
Please be kind.
Got it! "More navy than an aircraft carrier."


Determinism is the philosophical concept that "all roads lead to here." Every decision you've ever made, every random occurrence, every time you chose pepperoni instead of sausage... it all led you to this moment.

You were meant to sleep in our sheets. And to see the below picture of Harvey (he is a good boy). You are welcome.