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Nice attention span! You must have enjoyed our magazine ad for our Eucalyptus sheets. Thank you, we tried.

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Eucalyptus lyocell bed sheets

We Know What You Like In Bed

S&G's Eucalyptus Lyocell Sheets vs. Cotton:
  • Naturally softer (lower surface friction)
  • Warm and cozy in winter, cooling in summer
  • More breathable (best for hot sleepers)
  • More moisture-wicking (keeps sheets fresher longer)
  • Hypoallergenic (OKEO-TEX® and FKT® Certified)
So why do people still use cotton? Beats the hell out of us.
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Sheets & Giggles Packaging

Focused on Sustainability

Eucalyptus vs Cotton:
  • 96% less water, or an estimated 5 years' worth of drinking water
  • Zero insecticides (cotton uses 16-24% of the world's insecticides by itself)
  • 30% less energy
  • Zero-plastic packaging for most sheet sets
Plus, for every order we plant a tree somewhere in the US that needs reforestation.
Sheets with bottom left corner tag

Decently Designed in Denver

We took care of some things we always wished for in our sheets:
  • Helpful tags tell you which corner goes where.
  • Extra deep pockets on our fitted sheets fit on mattresses up to 20" thick.
  • Sheets come wrapped in reusable eucalyptus fabric knapsacks.
  • While shipping orders, we put fun extra items in as many boxes as we can. Bobby, our logistics manager, is a kind and generous warehouse god.
ET the Extra Terrierestrial

No Risk, All Reward

Despite our fiscally irresponsible, unlimited return policy, we have a much lower return rate than industry average.

That said, if you don't obsess over them as much as we do, we'll refund you immediately and even pay for return shipping.
I'm In

Over 1,000 5-star reviews can't be wrong

Well, obviously they can, but they're not. Unlike other bedding brands, we don't hide our critical reviews. Instead, we listen to feedback, respond, and improve our products based on our community's needs.

S&G makes the perfect gift for someone who loves puns, sleeping, sustainability, and Oxford commas.

We also offer fitted-sheet-only and flat-sheet only options.
(10% off applied at checkout)
(10% off applied at checkout)
(10% off applied at checkout)
(10% off applied at checkout)
Navy, Blue, Gray, White, Pearl, Light Blue, Mint Green, Purple

Navy, Blue, Gray, White, Pearl, Light Blue, Mint Green, Purple

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