Sheet's Going Down

Sheet's Going Down


Everybody freak out; it's happening. S&G is shipping soon!

By Colin, CEO of S&G

Back in May on our Indiegogo, we said "Estimated August 2018" shipping, and we've been working our tails off to execute on that timeline. On July 23, we wrote an update estimating another 6-8 weeks for delivery of most preorders.

As of today (9/7), we're thrilled to report that we're on pace to ship out our first ~1,000 units by end of next week, and all Indiegogo backers should receive their sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases by end of September. (Comforters, added later in the Indiegogo campaign, are on pace for late October or November shipping.) We'll ship everything according to order number, and you'll receive an email with tracking information when your shipment goes out.

We appreciate everyone's continued excitement, patience, and support the last few months!

Back in May, we really thought we could deliver by Aug. 31, but we spent more time than anticipated making sure everything was absolutely perfect for you. We're obsessed with the outcome:

 S&G Sheets!

White, Navy, Gray, Purple, Blue. The gray is grayer in real life, and the blue pops.

Side note – we've actually completely sold out of all available units for September and October shipping, which is a little hard to believe. New preorders received on in September and October will ship in November – just in time for the holidays! (Hint hint.)


Sheets & Giggles packaging

Ignore the marble set, which is a totally normal thing to own.

That pristine white box totally won't get beat up in the mail. (It probably will. Don't blame us, blame the government.)

Before we ship out our boxes to their forever homes, we've been taking them on a tour of Denver. Here they are at Union Station enjoying a nice local brew:


Drinks the the bestie

No, you're weird.

We cannot WAIT to get your feedback, first impressions, and reactions as you open your boxes (5 stars or bust). We've already hand-delivered our first few units to early backers here in Denver, and we've been getting rave reviews.

We want to personally thank every one of you who helped bring S&G to life. You made us the #1 Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign ever for bed sheets, you already made a difference in the world (thousands of trees planted on behalf of your orders!), you've provided us with a lot of laughs and good jokes (keep them coming), and you've played along with all of our inanity.

As always, please reach out to if you have any changes to your shipping address, if you have questions for us, or if you just want to say hey. We love hearing from you, and we love that we've gotten to know so many of you personally.

Thanks again for coming on this journey with us – we think this is the start of something really special.

- Colin & the S&G team

Try something cozier than cotton.

Try something cozier than cotton.




  • The sheets are AMAZING!! I can’t wait for the comforter to come in. 😊

    Sarah R on

  • Why haven’t i received the order i placed in June? Looks like other people got theirs.

    Lindsay Storey on

  • I originally ordered two sets of king size sheets(one purple and one gray), and extra pillow cases in queen size(one purple and one gray). To date I have only received the purple sheets, and they are amazing. When can I expect to receive the rest of my order?

    AnnaMarie Rogers on

  • Woo Hoo! Our sheets arrived this afternoon! They are SO SOFT! We’re following Colin’s suggestions and washing our sheets first to get them even softer, and putting them on the bed this weekend. SO looking forward to the Sheets & Giggles experience! Thanks for the great communications! We’ll keep you posted!


    Leon Winstanley on

  • Totally put that one in the wrong spot! Woopsie. It’s still all true though. ♥️

    Jennifer Warren on

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