S&G’s Partnership with One Tree Planted

S&G’s Partnership with One Tree Planted


We just love the earth.

It’s definitely our favorite place to summer (and winter, and fall, and you get the idea). That’s why, as a company, we do everything we can to keep it pristine, and at the same time, help make the unpristine places pristine again.

With that in mind, we’re delighted to announce that S&G recently donated 10,000 trees to One Tree Planted's Million Tree Challenge! 

We're just 1 of 100 fantastic (non-bedding) companies, including Facebook, BlackRock, and TheRealReal, in this challenge. The million trees will be planted in California, helping the state recover from some of the worst fire seasons in its history. 

S&G partners with One Tree Planted on a day-to-day level, too. We pledge one tree for each order received, which means, based on our 2019 order totals, we donated 20,000 trees. Each year, the trees are planted somewhere in the US that needs reforestation – places like Florida, Colorado, and Appalachia. 

Infographics are a great way to break up big blocks of text.

This year we’ll likely end up donating even more, and the following year even more. Our ultimate goal is to plant so many trees in the US that people will be able to swing to work like Tarzan, thereby reducing their carbon footprint even further. 

We know, we know...we’re geniuses. 

Try something cozier than cotton.

Try something cozier than cotton.




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