She moonlights in the warehouse, too!

Meet Emily, S&G's Director of Community Engagement

March 12, 2020

Hi! Tell us about yourself. What’s your name? What’s your role here at S&G?

Hello, sheet heads! My name is Emily, and I’m the Director of Community Engagement at Sheets & Giggles. As our de facto customer care lead, I handle many customer care emails, calls, Facebook messages, Instagram DMs, and everything in between!


How did you get this job?

I got this job via a South Florida connection with our CEO, Colin McIntosh. We actually went to the same elementary, middle, and high school, though we're a few years apart.

Colin is very good friends with my sister (they worked at a previous company together), and when he was beginning S&G, he asked around his personal network for someone looking for a fun, fast-paced job at a rapidly growing company.

Like they say – it's all about who you know, and I guess I was cursed to know Colin 🙃


How many customers do you personally interact with on a daily basis?

I would say I personally interact with about 25 customers on a daily basis. I am our customer support representative across Facebook, Amazon, email, and phone. I surprisingly remember the majority of the customers that I have spoken with and really enjoy getting to know our customers.


People often mention you by name in our reviews, what’s it like to be a celebrity?




What do you like most about your job?

I like that I get to talk to really awesome people located all around the country. I also really love S&G and our sustainability mission.

What is your #1 objective as the Director of Community Engagement?

My main goal is to ensure that the customer is happy one way or another! Whether that be fixing a defect issue, processing a return, or simply answering questions about S&G, I really do want to engage with the customer and help in any way that I can!

What’s the funniest thing a customer has said to you?

I think one of the funniest things I’ve heard is someone telling me their height, telling me how much of the bed they take up, and wondering if I could tell them what size bed they might have based on that information. Like... King?

What’s the craziest thing a customer has asked you?

The craziest thing a customer has asked me is to schedule the exact time and day of their delivery. While we are very efficient at getting products delivered in a timely manner, unfortunately, I am not the one dropping off your packages 🙃

Tell us about the woman who was offended by the word “Hi”. What happened there? (Video for reference.)

She left a voicemail saying she was not happy with the retail employee using the word ‘hi’. As I listened to the message, I realized that she must have had our company confused with another, as we do not have any retail locations. To this day, this is the only voicemail that has truly entertained and stumped me all at the same time.

What’s your favorite S&G product? Why?

My favorite S&G product is our new comforter! It is so cozy and soft but made to keep you warm or cool based on your temperature. Being from Florida, it tends to be so hot that I would have no need for a comforter. I think the new S&G comforter really changes the game for comforters and how sustainably they can be made. 

You live in Florida. Have you ever wrestled a gator?

I've never had the privilege to wrestle a gator, but every true Floridian knows that if you ever need to outrun a gator you’ve got to run in zig-zags!

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