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FAQ Us, Right?


Do I really need to hang dry them? (No.)

How is Eucalyptus Lyocell better for my sleep than cotton?

How is Eucalyptus Lyocell bedder for the environment than cotton fabric?

How quickly do they ship? Delivery timelines?

How do I buy these sheets?!

What's your thread count?

What's in a sheet set?

Do you use any microfiber?

Can I buy extra pillowcases? I like pillows.

Tell me about your duvet covers...

Will they fit my insanely huge 20" thick mattress?


What are the dimensions / sizes of each item?

Where are they made?

What is Lyocell? Is it natural fabric? Is it like bamboo viscose? How is it made?

Are these stretchy? But not like... TOO stretchy?

Is this like Tencel®?

What are your certifications?

What are the care instructions?

What's the cost of these bad boys?

Do you have Split King?


I thought I heard somewhere that eucalyptus is endangered?

What about the Koalas? Are you taking eucalyptus from them?

Is this safe for animals and my mother that has an allergy to eucalyptus?

Do they smell like eucalyptus?

So... why do people still use cotton?

Fun Extras

Do you really plant a tree for every order?

What's this #Give2Sheets thing I keep hearing about?

What's your return / refund policy?

Do you ship internationally?

What else is cool about these sheets?

Can S&G help me find a new job?

Literally Useless Information

How do I fold a fitted sheet?

Do you have your own cryptocurrency?


What's my name?

I think I love you. Are you free this weekend?